Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On Wednesday evening, the Women of the ELCA hosted the annual church family picnic. This year it was held at the ballpark so the kids could be near the playground equipment and have lots of fun. Though the heat index was high, we managed to squeeze into the shade and have a lovely time.

Women of the ELCA President, Kim Timmerman showing off her very cute butterfly treat bags.

We needed additional seating so the helpful men moved another table into the shade.

Mary Schweitzer brought her 3 grandchildren who are visiting from Washington.

Here's the group digging into the wonderful potluck spread.

Mary helps her grandchildren get their plates full.

The kids' picnic blanket.

Laughter club member, Rick Gramlich

Bob and Judy Wood

Gayle and Gary Bahlmann finding the only shade under their umbrella

Jack Schweitzer enjoying the shade

We held a laughter club meeting at the picnic as well. Here Mike Larsen and Vern Timmerman demonstrate "cell phone laughter."

Gary Bahlmann, Avis Smith, and Phyllis Larsen laughing

Grace Ziegelmaier demonstrating a very big, hearty laugh

Rick doing the "evil laugh"

Vern and Gary with more laughs

Vern and his daughter, Zoey

Pastor laughing with them

Mike and Phyllis Larson, Laughter Club member from Ferryville

Vern throwing Zoey up high

The Women of the ELCA business meeting

Chris Bolson and Pastor Laura laughing

Butterfly treats made by Kim Timmerman

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  1. I'm wishing we could do those treat bags for the W-ELCA Convention as a treat from NEIA BUT not enough room in the luggage!! Very sweet-very cute!! Glad everyone had a rip-roarin' time!!