Monday, December 19, 2011


The entire cast of our 2011 Sunday school Christmas program, which was performed on Sunday, December 18 during worship. Pictured are: Back row—Kyle Scott (as Joseph), Jazmine Rathbun (as Mary), Lane Love-Steiber (as baby Jesus), Alanna Pleasants, Lukas Kerndt, Chloe Magnusson, Hallie Vinson. Middle row—Dakota Love-Steiber, Laurel Scott,  Zoey Timmerman, Austin St. Mary, Kyle Hitchins, Kai Timmerman, Jay Nissen, Jack Schweitzer. Front row—Ethan Schweitzer, Emilio Rathbun (not pictured: Mason Libke)
The angels
Chloe Magnusson at the reception
Don Thran
Emilo Rathbun with his mom, Kerry
The Holy Family

Kyle Scott
Dakota and her brother, Lane
Pastor and Jamie in their Christmas hats
Zoey Timmerman

Sunday, October 30, 2011


On Reformation Sunday, October 30th, three young people received their first communion. They are pictured above with Pastor Gentry: Laurel Scott, Ethan Schweitzer and Kai Timmerman.

Laurel Scott was also baptized that day. She is pictured with her sponsors, Nicole Vinson and Marsha Vinson, her parents Shane and Bruce Scott, and Pastor Gentry.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


On Sunday, October 16, Landon James Lawson, son of Kaylee Lawson, was baptized. Pictured above are his sponsor, Jackie Lawson, Pastor Gentry, Kaylee and Landon.  
Landon and his uncle

Sunday, September 18, 2011


On September 18, Lane Alan-Love Steiber, son of Andrea Love and Dexter Steiber, was baptized. Pictured above are his parents, Pastor Laura, his sister Dakota and sponsors, Detrick Steiber and Brittany Coleman.
Hallie Vinson received her first communion that day as well. She is pictured here with the cake made for her reception by Carol Schaefer.
Zoey Timmerman and Dakota Love-Steiber smile for the camera after the worship service.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Sunday, September 11, was Rally Day—the official kick-off for Our Savior's Christian Education program. During worship, the teachers were installed and everyone remembered their Baptisms in a special liturgy.

Dr. Mike Schweitzer is the teacher of the Celebration Class
(second through sixth grade)

 Carla Pleasants is the Confirmation Class teacher

 Vern and Kim Timmerman are the teachers of the Sunshine Class 
(preschool through first grade)

 The adult Bible study group 

Emilo Rathbun (above) is standing by the new attendance chart for the Celebration Class. Our Savior's Lutheran offers camp scholarships to all students who attend Sunday school regularly throughout the year. Emilio was one of the scholarship winners this past summer and so he enjoyed a week at Sugar Creek Bible Camp in Ferryville, Wisconsin.

Over the summer, the Sunday school area was refurbished with new ceramic floor tiling. The kids love the new space, which is also decorated with banners painted by the Sunday school a few years ago.

We pray that this will be another wonderful school year of learning and growing in faith, hope and love!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A First Communion Sunday was held August 7th. Those who received their first communion are pictured above with Pastor Laura: Beau, Willem, Winter, and Rye Hawley-Bourcier. We welcome to them to the Lord's Table and pray that their faith may continue to grow.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Pastor Laura was was invited to be a part of the summer teaching staff at Holden Village this year. Holden is a unique, secluded retreat center high in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. It is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Pastor took her continuing education time and budget for 2011 to go there to teach and learn from the other teachers.

The village is very secluded. There are no roads to Holden—it used to be a mining village. You can only get there by riding several hours on a ferry up Lake Chelan. Here is Pastor with the Lady of the Lake ferry boat.

But even when you get to Lucerne, you're not there yet. At that point, you must board a Holden Village school bus, which chugs up numerous switchbacks on a gravel road, climbing over 2,000 feet in a little under 12 miles. Check out the switchback road sign.
As you ascend, there are breathtaking views of Lake Chelan.

The Gentrys stayed in this lovely mountain chalet.

This is the view they had from the front porch!

There are many hiking trails from Holden. Here is the view of Hart Lake, which the Gentrys hiked to (about a 9 miles trip).

Here's a "Holy Hysterics" workshop Pastor Laura taught.

Holden was at full capacity this summer with over 400 people in the village. They gather for worship each night. Here you can see the worship space.

There happened to be a number of alumni and faculty from Luther College. They all posed together for this picture.

This is a shot from the unique worship service called "Prayer Around the Cross" in which people are invited to come forward and light a candle as a symbol of their prayer.

From July 17-23, our church musician, Tom Bourcier was the village musician.

Here's Tom and his boys in the hot tub. After the long road-trip out, they appreciated a soak.

Here are the Gentrys at Holden Lake, the destination of their second long hike.

Pastor Laura leading a laughter yoga session with the village.

She's doing a laughter blessing with the group.

Tom during a band rehearsal.

Pastor Laura in another teaching seminar.

Tom in rehearsal.

The lovely village at night.

William at the drums (he played in Tom's band).

Tom and his sons: Willem, Beau, Winter and Rye.

In addition to other classes, Pastor Laura led 15 laughter yoga sessions, including a laughing of the labyrinth. Below is a video with highlights from these joyful gatherings, many of which happened outside at 7:30 a.m.

Below are more photographs, which William took, during the various laughter classes. Double-click them to view larger versions.

Here's the labyrith group in the happy center.

Pastor Laura and Tom Bourcier appreciate the financial and prayer support of the congregation that enabled them both to share their gifts with the wider Lutheran community. It was an amazing experience for them and their families and they wish to thank the members of Our Savior's Lutheran for making it possible.