Thursday, August 18, 2016


We had a wonderful time at this year's Fish Days of Lansing. Our congregation created a float for the parade on Sunday afternoon. We also participated in the ecumenical worship service that morning.

We would like to thank all the people who helped with the float, especially Mike Schweitzer for building the big fish and the paper mache fish, John Schild for letting us use his trailer, Gus Gustafson for driving the float, Mary Schweitzer for hosting brunch for those working on the float, and all the children and adults who painted the fish and waves. We are so proud to have been a part of the parade with our message of God's love.

The whole float

Pastor Diane Koschmeder and Mary Schweitzer "fishing" aboard the float.

Ryan Benson "catching" Melanie Wittman with one of the fishing poles. 

Megan and Macy Vinson and Ethan and Jack Schweitzer walking in the parade.

Zoey Timmerman and a grumpy fish.

Mike Schweitzer reading at the Fish Days worship service.

Debbi Sero with Buster her dog, Andrea Vinson, Gracie Vinson, Izzy and Leona Hammell, Zoey Timmerman and Chloe Magnusson aboard the float.

Andrea Vinson with the lettering she did along the waves.

The whole group and the new banner that was carried in the parade.

The worshiper on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning's musician.

Pastor Laura Gentry walking in the parade.

Pastor Smith of the UMC at the worship service.

Fish Days worship in the tent.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


On Pentecost Sunday, May 15, 2016, Our Savior's Lutheran Church celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit with special music and drama—thus, bringing the story to life.

The theme of the service was "YES!" It urged worshipers to say yes to the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. To that end, there was an original song of yes led by it's creator, Celia Farran of Arizona, who was the guest musician for the service. We also had leadership by nationally known comedian and Methodist minister, the Reverend Jane Voigts, who shared a message of how the Holy Spirit called her and she said: "YES!"

Below are action shots from the Spirit-filled Pentecost service. 

worshipers heading into church

a dramatization "slide-show" of the Pentecost story performed by a number actors

Pastor Laura Gentry and guest Pastor Jane Voigts reading the Pentecost text

Celia leading music

much humor was shared in the telling of the Pentecost story

Pastor Jane leading the children in a special rendition of "I'm Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing"

Pastor Jane encouraging the children to follow the Spirit

Then "Spirit-filled" dancers (Rick Gramlich pictured here) danced in at the end

Happy worshippers doing actions along with the children

Holy Communion

Pastors Laura and Jane

Pastor Jane led the Great Thanksgiving liturgy with improvisation and input from the congregation

As these pictures show, the service was a joyful celebration from start to finish. 
Come, Holy Spirit! We say YES!

Sunday, April 10, 2016


On Sunday, April 10 Carszn Johnathan and Jazlee-Jo Jacquelynn, the two children of Josh and Courtney Hedeman of Waukon, were baptized at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Lansing. Carszn's baptismal sponsor is his aunt, Lindsey Hedeman. Jazlee-Jo's sponsor is her aunt, Jordyn Alberts. Pictured left to right are Carszn Hedeman, Lindsey Hedeman, Pastor Laura Gentry, Jazlee-Jo Hedeman, Josh Hedeman and Courtney Hedeman.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


It has been ten years since Our Savior's Lutheran started celebrating Holy Hilarity on the Sunday after Easter. So for the service this year, a big celebration was held. The Waukon Standard printed this article about the event. Special T-shirts were printed up for the occasion, banners were hung along with helium balloons and an original Holy Hilarity song by Paula Rathbun and Pastor Laura Gentry were unveiled. The song is in the video below.

It was, indeed, a spectacular celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Below are pictures. If you post your own pics on social media, please use the hashtag: #ourhappychurch to help us share the joy of the Lord.

The pastor and children leading the opening songs

Jack looking great in a chicken hat 

The congregation playing kazoos and other fun instruments

Carol in her frog hat

Song leaders Lori and Nancy, who came from out of town to help lead the new song

Banners made by Kathy Hay

Kim and Zoey ready for the big Sunday 
Pastor Laura leading music

Acolytes Laurel and Kai

Passing the peace with joy and laughter

Kathy Hay, her mom, sister and friend who joined us for the celebration

Pastor and the confirmation boys Austin and Emilio

Pastor passing the peace

Renee and Shelley 
Pastor and Zoey

Rick, who emceed the joke open mic part of the service

Susan in her laughter hat

Pastor with Chloe and Maya

Paula's son, Steve, and his girlfriend

Don and Mary

Jack trying out another hat

Pastor, Zoey and Taylor

The new song was unveiled

Rick reading scripture

Adrian reading scripture

Paula and her family

The sanctuary was decorated in banners like this one made by the Sunday school students

Barb and Gus

The confetti throwers

Taylor showing off her great tshirt

Vern and Kai

The decorating crew

Pastor, Emilio, Kai and Zoey


Jack and Ethan



Clowning around

Paula and Don

Paula's funny gift to Pastor

Barb and Chuck

The visit to the nursing home after the service (to bring balloons)

Florence and her great granddaughter, Laurel

Pastor with the gift from Paula