Monday, February 22, 2010


As a Lenten opportunity for spiritual growth, Our Savior's Lutheran will be offering a 6-week forgiveness training workshop. These sessions will be held at 6:45 p.m. each Wednesday night from February 24-March 31. The meetings will last approximately an hour. The photo above was taken at the forgiveness leader training workshop held at Luther College in January. There, Pastor Laura Gentry studied with Christian psychologist, Everett Worthington.

Do you want to become a more forgiving person?

A 6-session group is being formed that will help you develop a more forgiving character. In the group you will discuss what the Bible says about forgiving and you will learn a method for forgiving a particular transgression. By praying, practicing the method, reflecting on it alone and with others in the the group, you will become a more forgiving person as the Lord builds a forgiving attitude, forgiving skills, and a supportive community.

This is for people who want to learn to become a more forgiving Christian. They are willing to do this by learning and practicing a Christian method of forgiving that has been and used and studied for years by Christian psychologist, Everett Worthington.

We best learn to forgiving by seeking the heart of God. As we discern God's heart, Jesus' sacrifice and the Holy Spirit's leading, we become more eager to forgive transgressions. To aid us, we learn a method of forgiving a particular transgression. Then, we apply those skills to other hurts and offenses. We learn to forgive others, and we can apply this same method to forgiving ourselves. This method works best if you work on a hurt that you have tried repeatedl to forgive. Despite your efforts, you might have granted forgiveness but the peace and the emotional experience of forgiveness has eluded you.

The group will meet for six sessions on Wednesday evenings at 6:45 p.m. It is requested that you attend all sessions, or the learning experience will be incomplete.

This method, developed by Everett Worthington (pictured above) and his colleagues, has been studied and proven effective. Many thousands of people have gone through this training and have become more forgiving people—more healthy, happy and at peace with God. You are invited to attend and experience the joy of forgiveness too.