Sunday, April 27, 2014


We have just celebrated our 8th Holy Hilarity Sunday! We rejoice in the resurrection of Christ with singing, dancing, joke-telling, laughter and general merriment. Below are pictures from this year's happy festival.

Gary Bahlmann & Don Thran

Jazmine Rathbun

Gayle Bahlman in her Christmas outfit

Sarah Gruman at the piano 
Renee Murphy

Shelley Peterson

Rick Gramlich

Owen & Dorothy Kirk

Bob Grover making an entrance

Pastor Laura greeting Bob

The sanctuary decorated in Easter lilies, happy banners and balloons

Bob Grover causing more merriment

Santa hats in the narthex

Bob Grover in his pew with Grace Ziegelmaier in the backgroun

Gary & Shirley Mulford in the hippy-gear they've had since hippy days

Enthusiastic Pastor Laura as a pink elephant

Kim and Zoey Timmerman dressed as tired moms who just got out of bed (bed-head and all)

The Timmermans with Pastor Laura

Donna Reed & Pastor Laura

Jazmine & her brother Emilio Rathbun with the elephant

Carol Schaefer in her hilarity hat

Samantha Rosas & Brian Creasman with their daughter, Nayelly (the youngest worshiper at Holy Hilarity this year)

The decorations in the sanctuary before worship began

An alien visitor—Barb Scottston

An angel—Melanie Wittman

MelanieWittman & her daughter, Chloe

Pastor telling elephant jokes

Kathy Hay & Paula Rathbun explaining that this year's dance would be "Happy" by Pharrell Williams

Everyone bust into happy dancing–it was mayhem

More happy dancing

The prayers of intercession

The benediction

Pastor announcing the final hymn

Chloe Magnusson and Zoey Timmerman singing the closing song

The children leading the music

Mike Schweitzer after the service

Kim and Zoey Timmerman

Vern Timmerman

Rick Gramlich and Pastor Laura

Rick in his hat/wig

Dorothy Becker in her Easter bonnet

Photographer, Eric Mills (thanks to Eric for providing most of these fun photos)

Nayelly Creasman in her Pooh hat

Kenny 'the clown' Rathbun with his kids, Emilio & Jazmine

The Hippy Mulfords

Barb Scottston

The Rathbun family

Kathy Hay & Paula Rathbun, our dance leaders, in their Happy T-shirts

Pastor Laura with Dorothy Becker

Chloe Magnusson in her mis-matched outfit

Tabita Green & Pastor Laura's selfie

We filmed a happy dance video, which will be posted at this blog asap.