Sunday, December 7, 2014


Cael Kenneth Rask, son of Scott and Katlyn Rask, was baptized on Sunday, December 7th. His baptismal sponsors are Lindsey Vinson and Eric Rask. We are delighted to welcome him into the Lord's Family.

Pictured left to right: Katlyn Rask holding Cael, Scott Rask, Pastor Laura Gentry, Eric Rask, Lindsey Vinson

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


We received 18 new members on Christ the King Sunday, November 23rd. We are delighted to welcome this wonderful group to our congregation.

Pictured below: Back row: Paul Deason holding Kaylin Deason, Lindsey Deason, Esley Henkes, Owen Henkes, Pastor Laura Gentry, Amy McCabe, Tracy McCabe, Tom Limbach; front row: Scott Rask holding Cael, Katlyn Rask, Ashlyn Henkes, Isla Henkes, Jesey Lewey, Peggy Broadhead, Sue Limbach; not pictured Braydn Huffey and Madison McCabe.

We also welcomed 5 children to the Lord's Table to the first time. They have each completed a course of instruction with their parents and have created a poster showing their excitement for the event. 

Pictured below: Pastor Laura Gentry, Ashlyn Henkes, Izzy Hammell, Zoey Timmerman, Jese Lewey, Adrian Weipert.

The First Communion students were given their own Spark Bibles. Ashlyn and Izzy smile with theirs in the picture below. The confirmation students were given Connect Bibles. 

A reception followed the event with a cake made by Carol Schaefer. What a wonderful celebration of Christ the King Sunday!

Sunday, August 3, 2014


On  Sunday, August 3rd, we held our 6th annual Riverboat Worship service. At 9 a.m. we set sail aboard a Mississippi River Explorer Cruise Boat and worshiped on the water. Then, we pulled into a sandbar for the baptism of Soraya Anne Reyes and Eden James Aguilar, children of Lori Reyes. Their sponsors are Neil and Corlis Thesing. Below are pictures from the service and fellowship time following (click photos to view larger).

Pastor Laura Gentry with the children baptized on the cruise: Eden and Soraya