Wednesday, August 31, 2016


On Sunday, August 28th, we held our 8th annual Riverboat Worship Service aboard a Mississippi Explorer Cruise boat. We often have baptisms but this year, we had a surprise wedding! Unbeknownst to the congregation, Samantha Rosas and Brian Creasman were planning to be wed! It was a delightful cruise.

Mr. and Mrs. Creasman with the wedding cupcakes made by Donna Reed and Sue Limbach

Juan and Rebecca Rosas (parents of the bride) with Samantha and Brian

Debbie Sero and Peggy Broadhead enjoying the deck of the boat

Brian and Samantha walking through the celebratory bubbles following their wedding

Brian and Samantha exchanging vows.

The happy couple with Samantha's family.

Megan Vinson and her sister, Macy, provided special music following the service

The beautiful wedding cupcakes

Rev. Diane Koshmeder reading scriptures

The Creasmans with Captain Bob Meyer

Gracie Vinson with a smile

Pastor Laura Gentry and the newlyweds

So many cupcakes to choose from!

The bride, Samantha, with her sister and brother

First Mate Carla Vogel

Thursday, August 18, 2016


We had a wonderful time at this year's Fish Days of Lansing. Our congregation created a float for the parade on Sunday afternoon. We also participated in the ecumenical worship service that morning.

We would like to thank all the people who helped with the float, especially Mike Schweitzer for building the big fish and the paper mache fish, John Schild for letting us use his trailer, Gus Gustafson for driving the float, Mary Schweitzer for hosting brunch for those working on the float, and all the children and adults who painted the fish and waves. We are so proud to have been a part of the parade with our message of God's love.

The whole float

Pastor Diane Koschmeder and Mary Schweitzer "fishing" aboard the float.

Ryan Benson "catching" Melanie Wittman with one of the fishing poles. 

Megan and Macy Vinson and Ethan and Jack Schweitzer walking in the parade.

Zoey Timmerman and a grumpy fish.

Mike Schweitzer reading at the Fish Days worship service.

Debbi Sero with Buster her dog, Andrea Vinson, Gracie Vinson, Izzy and Leona Hammell, Zoey Timmerman and Chloe Magnusson aboard the float.

Andrea Vinson with the lettering she did along the waves.

The whole group and the new banner that was carried in the parade.

The worshiper on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning's musician.

Pastor Laura Gentry walking in the parade.

Pastor Smith of the UMC at the worship service.

Fish Days worship in the tent.