Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today on Pentecost Sunday, two young people in our congregation affirmed their baptism through the rite of confirmation. The confirmands, Mason Libke and Ellicha Gage, are pictured with Pastor Laura Gentry above.

Below are their personally written faith statements, which they read to the congregation during worship.


It is hard to believe that I am finally getting confirmed. I was baptized in this church as a small child and here I am—already 14 years old!

I really enjoy anything to with sports or anything active that will get my heart pumping. The best way to describe myself is that I try to get along with everyone. I don't really care what people think about me. My motto is to be true to myself as well as others. I think I've gained this confidence through my involvement here.

My family started coming here when I was a pretty little guy. I grew with the church. I'm sure you all remember the time when I told Pastor during the children's sermon that I thought there was a chicken's foot on the Christmas tree! Or maybe even the time when I was the monkey on the piano bench in our Christmas program. I was always the one who got the laughs whenever the children's choir performed. I have a made lot of great memories here with you all.

Most importantly, my faith in God—the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—has grown. So on this important day as I affirm my faith, I'd like to tell you what I have come to believe.

I believe in God the Father. He made me and everything that exists. He gives me all I need—a family, friends, food, shelter and lots of great pets. I want to always be thankful for the things God the Father has given me.

I believe in Jesus Christ. He is God's son and my Savior. He died and gave his life for us. I believe he was a great leader and teacher and he relates to me through faith and prayer.

I believe the Holy Spirit lives within me and in every single person in my community because you are all great people. I also believe the Spirit lives within us through faith, courage, and wisdom. I know that the Spirit will be with me throughout my whole life and that makes me glad.

I believe I live differently now. I have been going to Sunday School and Confirmation for 7 years now. I've learned that God will always love me. I believe God has changed my life in a positive way because I really enjoy going to Sugar Creek Bible camp. By going to camp I can meet new friends and have my faith grow. By the way, thanks for all those camp scholarships. It really has changed my life! I believe my faith will help me in the future by staying active in the church.

I would like to thank you all here today for supporting me through the years I have been here and motivating me to go all the way just so I can be standing where I am now. I would like to make a special thanks to my teachers: Pastor, Jamie, Lavern, Wendy, and my mom for all the extra support and helping me grow in faith. Most of all, I want to thank God for loving me and guiding me to this church where I could come to know this love so fully.


I am Ellicha Gage. I am 14 years old. I love to swim, sing, do gymnastics and hang out with my family and friends. I would describe myself as an energetic person. I am always upbeat and on-the-go. I am also a member of the Lansing Laughter Club.

Two years ago, I came to Our Savior’s Lutheran Church out of my own will. Pastor Laura talked to my mom and my mom said it would be a good thing for me. This has helped my faith because I’ve learned many stories from the bible, the Apostle’s Creed and the Ten Commandments and many other things too.

I learned how God created you and me. He even created the world. Because we are created in God’s image, we all look like God and to me, that is a wonderful thing! I am so glad.

I also learned about Jesus. I relate to him in many ways because he was not only God’s son, but he was also truly human. Because of this, I think he understands what we go through with all the hard times we’ve had. Perhaps we can even understand what he went through when he suffered and died on the cross for us.

God’s Spirit, I learned, is always with me, you and everybody. I believe the Holy Spirit is following me and guiding me in my life. It is what gives me wisdom and direction when I need it most.

Now that I have learned about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I think differently. My faith is stronger beacuse I know that God is with me. God has changed my life. Now that I understand he is with me wherever I go day or night, I have confidence.

I am glad to be affirming my baptism today through confirmation. God adopted me into the family when I was baptized as a baby and now I am able to say yes to that adoption. I don’t know what God has in store for me in the future, but I hope it is good and great things will come out of it.

I would like to thank the church for everything, especially for giving me a full scholarship to go to Camp EWALU last summer. It was amazing. This year, I am going again and I hope it will be like last year without swamping the canoe.

Above is Ellicha with her mother, Angela, at the confirmation reception following worship.

We also honored our Sunday school teachers and thanked them for their service by presenting them with red impatiens. They are pictured above: Carla Pleasants, Jamie Horkheimer and Susan Finley. Not pictured is Mike Schweitzer.

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